• ‘Two Old Pink Ladies,’ by Susie Thompson. Winner of the australianphotography.com April 2012 'Decay' Photo competition.
    ‘Two Old Pink Ladies,’ by Susie Thompson. Winner of the australianphotography.com April 2012 'Decay' Photo competition.

Susie Thompson’s image ‘Two Old Pink Ladies’ has won the April photo competition.  The ‘Decay’ themed competition attracted 457 entries and was judged by Sydney-based commercial photographer Charles McKean. In explaining his decision McKean praised the simplicity of Thompson’s image.

“Decay is everywhere. We can see it, we can find it, and we can search it out. Often, as photographers, we merely document. In this month's challenge many photographers chose to shoot a found object. The photo of the two apple halves is slightly different. It has been constructed and carefully set up. The photographer is not just documenting decay, she is commenting on it. The composition is simple and arresting and is well served by the monochrome treatment, which emphasises the sense of decay. A great effort, well done.”

Thompson has won a lightweight Lowepro Photo Sport 200 AW camera bag valued at $219.

Twenty-five images (pictured below) were shortlisted in this month’s competition: ‘Abandoned Farmhouse #1,’ by Paul Hollins; ‘Agapanthus Skeleton,’ by Dianne Galbraith; ‘Cornered,’ by Matthew Larsen; ‘Decaying Softly,’ by Dianne Galbraith; ‘Flaky Paint,’ by Merlyn Cantwell; ‘Fly decay,’ by Janet Storer; ‘Help,’ by Malcolm Katon; ‘Last stop #2,’ by Ingrid Hendriksen; ‘Life After Death,’ by Anthony Delaney; ‘Monster House,’ by Beck Dunn; ‘Montage of Leaves,’ by Janet Storer; ‘Old Dodge,’ by Deb; ‘Old Factory Tasmania,’ by David Edwards; ‘Old Silo,’ by Deb Cochrane; ‘Portrait of a Chair,’ by Tony Kearney; ‘Rabbit Skeleton,’ by Dallas Bland; ‘Radio Active Decay,’ by Sue Black; ‘Rain on a Rusty Shed,’ by Tim Mason; ‘Rust Buckets,’ by James Breslin; ‘Rusty Old Train,’ by Cathy Duck; ‘Shed,’ by Mark Sutton; ‘The Ageing Beauty,’ by Fran Firth; ‘Two Old Pink Ladies,’ by Susie Thompson; ‘Untitled,’ by Nick Bird; ‘Waves Crashing against Currumbin Rock,’ by Matt Mawson.

ABOUT THE JUDGE: Charles McKean is a Sydney-based, commercial photographer. He is an AIPP Master of Photography and an Associate of the Australian Photographic Society. He has exhibited widely and his work has featured in the National Photographic Portrait Prize, The Moran Photographic Prize, The Blake prize, the Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Photography Award and Lonely Planet. Charles McKean also organises and curates AddOn — a core event of the Head On Photo Festival.

Two Old Pink Ladies by Susie Thompson
WINNER: ‘Two Old Pink Ladies,’ by Susie Thompson.

Abandoned Farmhouse #1 by Paul Hollins
 ‘Abandoned Farmhouse #1,’ by Paul Hollins.

Agapanthus Skeleton by Dianne Galbraith
‘Agapanthus Skeleton,’ by Dianne Galbraith.

Cornered by Matthew Larsen
‘Cornered,’ by Matthew Larsen.

Decaying Softly by Dianne Galbraith
‘Decaying Softly,’ by Dianne Galbraith.

Flaky Paint by Merlyn Cantwell
‘Flaky Paint,’ by Merlyn Cantwell.

Fly Decay by Janet Storer
‘Fly Decay,’ by Janet Storer.

Help by Malcolm Katon
‘Help,’ by Malcolm Katon.

Last stop 2 by Ingrid Hendriksen
‘Last stop #2,’ by Ingrid Hendriksen.

Life After Death by Anthony Delaney
‘Life After Death,’ by Anthony Delaney.

Monster House by Beck Dunn
‘Monster House,’ by Beck Dunn.

Montage of leaves by Janet Storer
‘Montage of Leaves,’ by Janet Storer.

Old Dodge by Deb
‘Old Dodge,’ by Deb.

Old Factory Tasmania by David Edwards
‘Old Factory Tasmania,’ by David Edwards.

Old Silo by Deb Cochrane
‘Old Silo,’ by Deb Cochrane.

Portrait of a Chair by Tony Kearney
‘Portrait of a Chair,’ by Tony Kearney.

Rabbit Skeleton by Dallas Bland
‘Rabbit Skeleton,’ by Dallas Bland.

Radio Active Decay by Sue Black
‘Radio Active Decay,’ by Sue Black.

Rain on a Rusty Shed by Tim Mason
‘Rain on a Rusty Shed,’ by Tim Mason.

Rust Buckets by James Breslin
‘Rust Buckets,’ by James Breslin.

Rusty Old Train by Cathy Duck
‘Rusty Old Train,’ by Cathy Duck.

Shed by Mark Sutton
‘Shed,’ by Mark Sutton.

The Ageing Beauty by Fran Firth
‘The Ageing Beauty,’ by Fran Firth.
Untitled by Nick Bird
‘Untitled,’ by Nick Bird.

Waves Crashing Against Currumbin Rock
‘Waves Crashing against Currumbin Rock,’ by Matt Mawson.

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