2023 World Press Photo Contest opens for entries

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The 2023 World Press Photo Contest has opened for entries.

Entering the 2023 World Press Photo Contest is free and is open to professional photojournalists and/or documentary photographers anywhere in the world, with the contest recognising and celebrating the world's best photojournalism and documentary photography produced over the past year.

Image: World Press Photo/Supplied
Image: World Press Photo/Supplied

As in 2022, the competition will continue the regional model that includes six regions, with a selection of entries per category chosen by a regional jury, before a global jury decides on the regional winners and from those, the global winners.

According to WPP, the introduction of this model last year gave a much more geographically balanced view of the world, with more nuanced perspectives on local issues.

The judging process of the 2023 World Press Photo Contest takes place in several rounds, over a six-week period, in January and February 2023. It involves regional juries and a global jury, ​​and takes place both online and offline. Representing Southeast Asia and Oceania is jury chair Maika Elan of Vietnam, a photographer and photo editor.

In 2023, prizes include €5,000 for global winners, in addition to €1,000 for regional winners, with work also featured in the  World Press Photo annual travelling exhibition, shown around the world and the World Press Photo yearbook.

Entries close on 10 January 2023. You can enter here. 


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