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How good are your images? What do you need to do to take better photos? Image Doctor online gives you the chance to get one-on-one feedback from leading professional photographer, Anthony McKee. Find out what you're doing right, what you're doing wrong and most importantly what you can do to improve your photos. It's a great way to learn about photography – and it's free.

Selections are based on interest value and the potential to demonstrate ways for photographers to improve. Only one entry per person per month is permitted.

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Doing so little, can be so big.
by Phil Tregenza

More often than not, photographers get obsessed with the foreground and forget to include a background. more

Lightening on a cloudynight
by Kris Cole

Lightning can strike at anytime, anywhere. Knowing the settings to start with in those situations is the little spark of inspiration you need for capturing the big bolts. more

by roger agnes

Waiting for the perfect human moment can take time. Get a tripod and a cup of coffee and wait for that moment. more

Under the tree
by Mafe H

Looking for good lines is all part of the process of making photographs look good. more

by Dion Cushway

Often creating the perfect image is simply a case of getting the balance right. Just ask these flies! more

Sydney City Smoker
by Mike Moore

What is a quick snap, and is it an excuse for us to shy away from a stronger photograph? more

old tractor beech forest victoria
by Andrew Strates

Regardless of how clever the salesman tells you a camera is, no camera is as clever as a photographer who makes smart creative decisions. more

Mist in the Western Budawangs
by Adam Herdman

The mist might create the mood, but finding the perfect composition will always present the same challenges. more

Waiting for the right time
by Gerrie Malla

While we often feel obliged to stick to the rectangular shape provided by the viewfinder, there are times when we should go looking for different framing ideas. more

by Lachlan Dingwall

One of the secrets to good photography is lighting. more

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