Video: Zoom vs Prime lenses

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Whether you’re someone who is still very new to photography and you’re unsure of the difference between zoom and prime lenses, or you’ve been shooting for some time but you’re looking for ways to change things up in your photography, we have found a helpful video tutorial for you.

In just 7 minutes Australian photographer Mitch Lally, shares some useful commentary and visuals explaining the difference between zoom and prime lenses. 

The video features a behind-the-scenes look on a beach shoot where both kinds of lenses are used to photograph the same subject, which really highlights the difference between zoom and prime lenses, in terms of how they impact your photographic practice as well as your final product. 

Should you feel persuaded to try shooting with a prime lens after seeing this video, Mitch has also put together a video comparing a number of different prime lenses to help you choose which focal length is right for you and your style. 

In under 10 minutes, you’ll have all the tips you need. Get the full rundown from Mitch below.

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