Video: The Canon 5D Mark II with nearly 2.3 million shutter actuations

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Many of us have probably used a Canon 5D Mark II at one time or another, as for a long time it was one of the industry standards for professional DSLRs. 

And even in 2022, some 14 years after it was first announced, it remains a popular camera that many photographers continue to use today.

So when it comes to buying second hand Mark IIs, it's fair to say there's a bit of choice out there if you look around. In fact, a quick look on confirms no less than 20 for sale, with some sporting some pretty healthy pricetags to boot.

However, few 5Ds you see on the secondhand market have probably seen as much action as the one YouTuber FoxTailWhipz purchased from used gear retailer MPB in the US. This camera came with 2,269,757 total shutter actuations, absolutely smashing Canon's shutter rating of 150,000 actuations.

If you're curious, the team at DPReview have done the math on just how many shots the camera would need to capture each day to hit the 2.2 million target.

"Let's assume that the original owner of the 2.2M-shutter 5D Mark II purchased it on November 30," writes DPReview's Jeremy Gray, which would align with the camera's announcement in November 2008.

"That's 5,045 days, meaning that to capture 2,269,757 snaps, the camera captured about 450 images per day."

One particularly tidy looking 5D Mark II. Image: Wikipedia
One particularly tidy looking 5D Mark II. Image: Wikipedia

From the video, it's clear the camera is in remarkably tidy condition, with its buttons and dials all working, and everything appearing fully functional. This suggests it was used in a studio, or perhaps a commercial environment of some kind. 

And in case you're wondering, what does a 2.2 million shutter count 5D Mark II cost in 2022? That'd be $199 USD ($305 AUD), a surprisingly hefty amount for a camera that's seen more action than just about any camera we can think of. 

Cover image: FoxTailWhipz

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