Video: Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Google Pixel 4 XL. Which camera is best?

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In the market for a new smartphone? There's plenty of choice out there, but this new video might help you if you're stuck choosing between Apple and Google, as it pits the cameras on the flagship smartphones from the two companies against each other.

On paper, the cameras are similar - the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max models contain feature three lenses, with a wide-angle lens partnered with a telephoto and standard. Google's flagship has two, adding a telephoto lens in it's latest iteration and excluding a wide-angle. 

When it comes to video, the Apple was a pretty clear winner - the Google doesn't offer 4K on the front-facing camera and struggled with highlights. 

In terms of image quality, the video compares Apple’s new Night Mode against Google’s latest iteration of Night Sight as well as how each camera did in portrait mode.

As well as a daylight test (where the wide-angle lens on the Apple proves its worth), MacRumours also looks closely at the usability of the two competing camera apps.

You can see more of MacRumours videos on YouTube. 

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