Video: 10 of the weirdest digital cameras ever made

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One of the cool things about the transition from film to digital was the variety of weird cameras that many companies launched while trying to ride the wave of popularity of the new, exciting medium of digital. 

The result were some truly bizarre and unique cameras, with a number now quite collectible today. 

In this great video, the team at DPReview TV link up with Gordon Laing of Cameralabs for an early 00s nostalgia trip as they count down their favourite weird cameras. It's a cool reminder of how far imaging technology has come, and an ode to an era when companies were willing to take a risk on products that were truly unique.

So, what's your pick? As owners of the Nintendo GameBoy camera back in the day, its low-fi charm that's been embraced by a new generation of shooters and even hackers (ever fancy shooting a 0.014MP photo of the moon? You can!), which makes it our pick. 

If you fancy a refresher on what it can do in 2020, you can see a great video on it below. 

Cover image: Pentax's wild Optio X from 2004. © Pentax. 

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