Samyang joins L-Mount lens alliance

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South Korean lens maker Samyang, known for its affordable manual focus lenses, has joined the L-Mount alliance, which currently consists of Leica Camera, Sigma, Panasonic, DJI, and Ernst Leitz Wetzlar.

Samyang – known as Rokinon in the US – started by producing entry-level manual focus lenses for DSLRs, but has broadened its offerings by more offering mirrorless models for most mounts and more recently, autofocus lenses.

Originally launched in 2018, members of the L-Mount alliance are free to develop and market cameras and lenses under their own brand names, while also selling lenses in other mounts. The L-Mount is currently used on 12 cameras and over 60 lenses.

‘[It] unifies photo and video applications in the best possible way and allows for innovative optical designs due to the shallow flange depth,’ said Leica’s Stephan Schulz.

‘With Samyang, we welcome an agile lens maker that has developed within a short period of time an impressive lens portfolio for photography and cinematography,’ he added.

In addition, Astrodesign Inc, a professional video specialist, has also joined the alliance, bringing its membership to seven brands. 

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