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They say the best camera is the one that is with you, but let’s be honest, how often isn’t your mobile phone within arm’s reach?

With a reputation for producing some of the most popular camera accessories on the market, US company Peak Design has launched its mobile ecosystem of mounts, cases, accessories and chargers for mobile phones, with the goal of changing how we use our mobile devices.

What the items in the ecosystem have in common is that they work together - clip one of Peak Design's cases onto your smartphone, and you'll be able to easily attach a variety of different accessories.

Image: Dylan Giannakopoulos
The Peak Design Everyday Loop Case and the very compact mobile tripod. You can see the Slimlink in the middle of the case. Image: Dylan Giannakopoulos

It's got me thinking that with the ever-growing number of creatives utilising their smartphones over traditional cameras, should we be looking at our phone’s case as more than just a protective measure, but as a key to accessing an ecosystem that can streamline our workflow?

Equipped with the Everyday Loop Case for iPhone 12 Pro and Mobile Tripod, I aimed to answer this question during my three-week trip through Italy recently. So firstly, the case. 

Peak Design Everyday Mobile Case

The Everyday Mobile Case is, as you'd expect, a protective case for your smartphone. It's available for Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel smartphones, however a Universal Adapter also enables the use of the Slimlink on third-party phone cases. The cases start at around $55 depending on your smartphone.

At the heart of Peak Design Everyday Mobile Case is the SlimLink connection system. This proprietary system uses a combination of magnetic and mechanical connections to enable quick and easy attachment to the company's ecosystem of accessories.

Image: Dylan Giannakopoulos
Image: Dylan Giannakopoulos

The charcoal-coloured, nylon canvas material on the back of the case looks and feels great. Whilst I only used the case for a short period, it appeared durable and easy to clean. The bumper of the case is made from a shock-absorbing, rubber material which wraps over the edge of the phone.

The downside of this is that most screen protectors aren’t compatible, but Peak Design provide a list of the ones that are. The case also works with wireless chargers and for Apple users, it’s MagSafe compatible. 

A feature that I found surprisingly useful on the case was the finger loop. Whilst this type of accessory isn’t new for mobile cases, the Peak Design Loop is the most well-designed version I’ve seen. It’s simple yet effective. The loop folds flat when not in use so it doesn’t catch when removing your phone from your pocket or bag.

Whilst trying to navigate the uneven cobblestone footpaths in Italy using Google Maps, the loop provided me with a secure grip on my phone. Once I got in the habit of using the loop, it became second nature to slide it on whenever I was using it too.

Mobile tripod

The Mobile Tripod by Peak Design (around $149) is an ultra-compact, flat-folding tripod with the footprint of a credit card. It’s made from anodised aluminium with rubberised feet for a secure footing.

Using some seriously strong magnets, the Mobile Tripod quickly attaches to your phone in both landscape and portrait orientations via the SlimLink connection system.

Image: Dylan Giannakopoulos/Supplied
Image: Dylan Giannakopoulos/Supplied

Better still, for iPhone users with MagSafe, you can use the tripod without a Peak Design Mobile case. After using this accessory during my travels, I found the Mobile Tripod to be a very versatile accessory. With such a small form factor, it was a no-brainer to bring it with me everywhere attached to my phone or in my bag.

Whether I wanted to create a timelapse or watch Netflix on the train, I found so many uses for the Mobile Tripod. Its versatility and compact size really make it a must-have travel accessory.

The wrap-up

  •       Set-up and Handling – 4 Stars
  •       Features – 5 Stars
  •       Build Quality – 5 Stars
  •       Value for Money – 3 stars

Final word

The Peak Design Everyday Loop Case and Mobile Tripod are both exceptionally well-designed and built. However, the greatest strength of the Everyday Case is the access it gives you to Peak Design's clever mobile ecosystem.

Whilst I’ve only tried a fraction of the accessories on offer, buying into this system can streamline the use of your smartphone for not just everyday life but also creative applications.  

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