Polaroid Now+ set for Australian launch

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Local distributor for Polaroid, Brands Australia, have confirmed the availability of the company's most 'creative camera yet', the Polaroid Now+.

The Polaroid Now+ is an analog instant camera that pairs with a companion smartphone app for manual exposure control. The camera ($329.95) also comes with a set of five creative filters.

Through the dedicated Polaroid app, you can access a variety of creative modes such as double exposure, light painting, self-timer, and manual mode, in addition to an aperture priority and tripod mode, that helps with longer exposures. in additionl, the camera features a tripod thread to make longer exposures much easier.

The Now+ uses the same film packs as vintage cameras from 1980s, with film loading in the front and the lens centered just above. It has an internal battery that charges from a USB port. 

The Now+ is available for pre-order today from Polaroid.com.au directly. Estimated dispatch is within the next two weeks.

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