Pixii launches 24MP Pixii Max full-frame rangefinder

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French camera maker Pixii has announced the Pixii Max, the company's fifth camera and its first to move from an APS-C sensor to full frame.

Image: Pixii
Image: Pixii

If you're not familiar with Pixii, the company is a French startup that has released a series of cameras, including in 2020 a display-less digital M-mount rangefinder that used a smartphone as both a screen and means of storage. Since then, the company has gone on to release a series of APS-C rangefinders.

The company's latest is the Pixii Max (Model A3410), its fifth camera and the first to move from an APS-C sensor to full frame. It will accept Leica M-Mount lenses.

Because the camera is a true rangefinder, its viewfinder has framelines projected into it (35mm in this case), meaning the lines can correct for parallax as the user focuses to closer distances, while offering an ultra-wide field of view, up to 28mm.

Pixii says the the camera's major exposure settings are also projected into the viewfinder. It also features independent LED backlit frame lines for standard prime lenses of 35mm, 50mm, and 75mm.

In addition, the camera has a mono option that allows it to produce native monochrome files, thanks to its ability to capture true B&W digital negatives with its bayer sensor. It can output these and its colour files as a Digital Negative (DNG), a Mono DNG or in JPEG format.

The camera features a machined aluminium body and weighs 480g, including the battery. 

The Pixii Max is available for pre-order now for delivery in October at a cost of €3999 ($6,416 AUD), without taxes.

A version with 32GB of internal memory is €4249 ($6,816 AUD).

Uniquely, the company also says there will be options for users of older Pixii cameras to upgrade their previous models to the latest specifications. This will start from August/September - you can find out more about this on the Pixii Max FAQ. 

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