NiSi filters launches new cheaper, harder 150mm Explorer filter system

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NiSi Filters Australia has launched a new series of hardened filters, the 150mm 'Explorer Collection' of Neutral Density filters.

According to the company, the filters use a special glass hardening process that makes them up to double the strength of typical glass filters, making the new system ideal for landscape photographers who are tough on gear and potentially a better investment over time. 

The new filters are compatible with all of NiSi's existing 150mm filter holder systems including the well-regarded S5 and Q filter holders.

Five filters are available now, a 10 Stop ND1000, 6 Stop ND64, 3 Stop ND8, 3 Stop ND8 Medium Graduated ND and 2 Stop ND4 Reverse Graduated ND. The Explorer Collection filters will also also work seamlessly in combination with NiSi's 'standard' 150mm optical glass range of filters.

Speaking of optical filters, the company says there is no visible loss of image quality when compared to their optical glass filters, and as the filters are produced with a different material they are also cheaper to produce, with each filter in the collection priced at AU$299, compared to $359 for NiSi's optical filters.

You can watch an intro video on the new filters below (which includes a pretty hard-to-watch drop test).

There's also more about the Explorer series on the NiSi filters website. 

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