Nikon debuts $1,099 NIKKOR Z 35mm f/1.4 lens

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Not to be outdone by Canon's RF35mm f/1.4 L VCM announced earlier this month, Nikon has released its own fast prime lens – the NIKKOR Z 35mm f/1.4. But the big news is the Nikkor's smaller price tag – it's $1,500 cheaper than Canon's lens.

That said, there are reasons why. The Canon is one of its revered 'L' series lens while this Nikkor is not even part of Nikon's premium 'S' series.

So for Nikon users, a closer comparison is more likely to be the Nikon 35mm f1.4 G and the Nikon Z f1.8 S lenses. 

While the Canon may tout a new style of autofocus system – the 'Voice Coil Motor', Nikon has opted for a more tried and tested traditional stepping motor (STM).

Even though the STM may be seen by some as an inferior motor, there have been other lenses released of late with STM that have been noted for their super fast, accurate and quiet autofocusing and we can assume that this lens will have these characteristics.

Image: Nikon
Image: Nikon

Another highlight is the lens' fairly compact form, with a low weight of only 415g and just 86.5mm length. We have long been promised reduced size of camera bodies and lenses for mirrorless, so it's a good thing when we see Nikon delivering like this.

Other features for this lens are a dust and weather resistant build; a minimum focus distance of 0.27m; a 62mm filter thread; and it has minimised focus breathing for video work. 

The lens will be available locally some time in July for $1,099.

You can find out more about this lens on the Nikon Australia website

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