Lightroom on iOS will soon let you upload straight from an external device

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Despite being a handy editing tool, one of the frustrating features of Adobe's Lightroom Mobile app is the import process. The typical workflow is you have to first get images onto your phone or tablet, and then add them to Lightroom via the import feature.

However this looks set to change soon, as Adobe has shared a sneak peek at a future update for Lightroom on iOS that will simplify the process of importing images.

The update means users can directly import images from card readers into Lightroom on iOS, after which point the content is uploaded to the cloud and added to the photo library as usual.

In the video, Adobe's Tom Hogarty also shares another upcoming feature - the ability to sync edits across multiple images. 

According to Hogarty, the update should arrive in iOS 13.2, although no date has been set for this yet. 

You can read our recent interview with Tom Hogarty here. 

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