Leica launches new LUX iPhone app

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Leica has launched a new LUX app for iOS that's aimed at attracting a new audience to the iconic German camera brand.

Leica describes LUX as 'more than just a camera app'.

"It is a companion for those moments when your physical Leica camera isn’t within reach — or if you have yet to experience the pleasure of shooting with a Leica," the company says. 

Image: Leica
Image: Leica

The app can apply film emulation presets to existing photos in a similar fashion to many other app-based image capture apps. At launch, eleven "Leica Looks" are included in the app, such as Leica Standard, Leica Classic, Leica Contemporary, and Leica Black and White.

Image: AP
Image: AP

However, the company says that new 'looks' will be added every month.

Additionally, iPhone photographers can also use the LUX app's automatic mode, "Aperture Mode," and manual control modes to capture photos.

Aperture Mode is the most unique feature of the app as it seeks to emulate the bokeh and color of many of the brand's iconic lenses, such as the Summilux-M 28mm F1.4 ASPH, Summilux-M 35mm F1.4 ASPH, and Noctilux-M 50mm F1.2 ASPH.

iPhone 15 Pro Max users can also access an APO-Telyt-M 135mm F3.4 emulation thanks to the phone's telephoto lens.

In addition, there's also a pro manual mode, which allows users to control exposure compensation, shutter speeds, ISO, white balance, manual focus, and Raw/ProRaw capture settings, and display a live histogram.

A free version of Leica’s LUX App is available from the Apple App Store with limited features, including access to five looks.

From there, the Pro version will set you back $9.99 a month (first 2 weeks free) or $99.99 a year.

Leica recommends using the app with an iPhone Pro 12 or newer. 

You can download Leica LUX on the app store.

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