Lee Filters expands 100 filter holder system

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Following on from the launch of the LEE100 Filter Holder earlier this year, Lee Filters has introduced two new products to enhance the system further.

The first is the LEE100 Tandem Adaptor. Constructed from aluminium, the adaptor allows a photographer to use more than one ND grad and rotate each independently of the other, so they can be set at different angles. This allows for far more precise creative control of the exposure in complex lighting situations than one holder alone.

The LEE100 Adaptor.
The LEE100 Adaptor.

To fit, the first filter holder is attached to the lens via the adaptor ring as normal. The Tandem Adaptor then slides into the holder’s outermost slot, and the second filter holder is attached to the adaptor.

The holder closest to the lens can be used with up to three filter slots (one must be used for the Tandem), while the holder that’s attached to the Tandem Adaptor can be configured with one, two or three further filter guides. Both holders can be rotated freely until the desired effect is achieved, and then locked in place to avoid any accidental movement of the filters.

The LEE 100 Hood + Pouch.
The LEE 100 Hood + Pouch.

The second addition is the LEE100 Hood.  Designed to shade the camera’s lens, and reduce the risk of stray light and flare spoiling the image, it can be used with up to three slot-in filters plus the LEE Filters Polariser. Constructed from a water-resistant reinforced nylon in a collapsible concertina design, it is self-supporting, with no need for intrusive and fiddly rails or guides, and can be adjusted to different angles and extensions for maximum versatility.

Simple to set up, the hood comes with an attachment ring that is affixed to the LEE100 Filter Holder via four locking tabs. The hood is then locked securely on to the attachment ring with a lever. It is then attached to the adaptor ring in the usual way.

The hood can be rotated independently of the LEE100 Filter Holder, allowing the photographer to use ND grads as normal, while still getting the most out of the hood itself. At its fullest extension, the hood can be used with lenses of around 28mm and a two-slot filter guide without the risk of vignetting. Once it is reduced to half extension, lenses as wide as around 20mm can be used without vignetting.


Local pricing has not been finalised, but UK pricing (excluding VAT) is £44.50 ($79 AUD) for the Adaptor and £208.00 ($373 AUD) for the hood. 

For further information, visit LEE100holder.com, or contact local distributor Vanbar. 

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