Godox launches V1 Pro flash

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Godox has announced the V1Pro Flash with mini sub-flash, which will supersede the original V1, albeit at a higher price point.

The original $330 Godox V1 speed light turned a lot of heads when it was launched back in back in mid-2020, as it had a similar form to the excellent Profoto A10, but without the $1,700 price tag.

At that time in history, round-headed speedlights were all the rage, though the advantages of being round are slightly questionable in that the sensor we shoot to is rectangular.

The main advantage of a round flash-head is that the light's reflection in the eye will be round (if you can actually work that out).

Also, the light spreads slightly more evenly if you are using a wide angle flash. It's all very debatable as you can see in this video by Oma Ghomrawi where he tests the difference between Godox round VS rectangular heads. 

The original V1 features 76W output being powered by a 2600mAh lithium-ion battery that gives up to 480 full-power flashes. It has the ability for 40 consecutive full-power flashes with a recycling time of 1.5 seconds per flash.

It also features a built-in 2.4Ghz receiver that enables it to be triggered using the Godox X System transmitters. All in all, it was and still is, definitely a viable option to purchasing an OEM camera brand speedlight which are approximately $650+.

The new Godox V1Pro ups the ante by delivering 500 full-power flashes via its new but physically same-sized 7.2V/2980mAh battery. This allows 100 consecutive full power flashes with a recharge time of 1.5 seconds per flash.

Another bonus, battery wise, is the ability to connect it to the Godox PB960 power pack, which makes a nice addition for wedding and fashion photographers or paparazzi. 

Probably the most interesting addition is the detachable tiny External Flash SU-1. This gives you the ability to have a bounce and fill light in the one package.

No doubt this supplemental tiny flash is of fairly low power, but still enough to give a bit of catchlight / eyelight for the subject.

Another new inclusion is an inbuilt 2W LED light. Flash modelling lights are actually very useful for shooting 'run and gun' video grabs, super shallow depth of field / high ISO images at night, or even using it as a copy light for documents or macro photography.

It's going to be interesting to see if the V1Pro is as successful as its predecessor, as the new price point could make prospective buyers now consider the OEM brands, even though they are still slightly more expensive.

With the V1 being only $330, it was always a bit of a no-brainer if you didn't always need a speed light, or were on a limited budget.

Zoom Ratio: 28 to 105mm (auto)
Flash Duration: 1/300 to 1/20000s
Recycle time: Approx. 1.5s @ full power
Modelling Lamp: 2W (adjustable 10 steps)
High Speed Sync: up to 1/8000
Focus Assist Beam
Wireless 2.4G transmitter range: 100m

The V1Pro is available for pre-order for $550 and has compatible versions for Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm and OM-System.

You can read more about the V1Pro on the Godox website.

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