Gitzo's new tripod is "the best they could make"

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High-end tripod manufacturer Gitzo has announced a new crowdfunding campaign for a product it is calling "the best tripod we could make", the Légende Tripod and Backpack. The new gear will be backed by an “unlimited warranty” and is made from environmentally-friendly materials.

As you might expect (it is a crowdfunding campaign after all), there's a fair bit of hyperbole around the release. Gitzo says the name “Légende” is inspired by “the storytelling power of photography: transferred from one generation to another while creating eternal stories.” 

The tripod itself is slightly less fanciful, and features familiar twisting legs and weighs in at 1.45kg. It can hold a payload of 8kg, compress to 43cm and expand to 165cm tall. The build is primarily carbon fibre. 

According to the company, the Légende features a variety of high-quality materials in its “premium design.” That said, if you do happen to break some of those premium materials, you won't need to worry, as all the tripod parts are replaceable and 70% of the parts can be repaired by the owner. This means in a breakage, the company can simply ship out parts directly to the owner, avoidig the costs and hassle of returning to an authorised retailer. 

The Légende backpack is slightly, legendary, and is made of recycled polyester, with 65% of the bag’s weight comprised of recycled fabrics. The “Eco Leather” tripod strap and backpack details are made of cruelty-free, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic synthetic leather. 

Available now through, the Légende tripod and backpack will ship in May 2021. The products are proving pretty popular too, with the fundraising already at more than 1000% of its $25,000 target.

The Légende Tripod retails for $668 AUD with earlybird pricing, and the Légende Backpack for $230 AUD.  

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