Fujifilm reveals X-Pro3 with retro-styled hidden LCD

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Fujifilm have announced the development of a new digital rangefinder-style camera, the X-Pro3.

Announced on the weekend during the Fujifilm X Summit in Shibuya, the camera will be officially announced on October 23rd, 2019, with more details to come.

Physically the X-Pro3 appears to share much in common with the X-Pro2, except for its most polarising feature - the rear LCD. Fuji has opted to remove the traditional screen and instead replaced it with a smaller “analog” style screen that only displays the basic settings, much like the old window on film cameras that showed what kind of film was inside. That said, there is a hidden LCD that flips out from the camera if you just have to take a look at the photos you've taken. 

The new X-Pro3 will be built out of titanium, making it very robust, and will come in three different colors, two black variations and silver.

Other news from the summit is a little less specific. It appears there will be improvements to the viewfinder, by reducing distortion and increasing the angle of view in the optical viewfinder, and an entirely new EVF.

Fujifilm are also releasing a new “Classic Negative” Film Simulation, which should replicate Superia 100.

You can watch the entire 1.5 hour summit below (it starts at 30 minutes).

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