DJI announces Ronin-SC, a smaller 3-axis gimbal for mirrorless cameras

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DJI have announced the Ronin-S Compact (SC), a single-handed 3-axis gimbal designed for mirrorless cameras.

The Ronin-SC is 41% lighter than the Ronin-S at 1080g/2.4 lbs, yet can still support a payload of up to 1900g/4.4lbs. The gimbal can be taken apart to easily fit into backpacks and cases and is built from magnesium, steel, aluminum and composite plastic and has an 11 hour battery life.

Sharing features with the Ronin-S, the Ronin-SC offers 3 axis locks on the pan, tilt and roll axis to help balancing the camera as well as helping during transportation. Additionally, the Ronin-SC features a new position lock system. Once the gimbal is balanced, the time it takes to remount the camera and start working is reduced. Like on the Ronin-S, users can control the gimbal movement with the responsive joystick and easily access different modes and gimbal settings with the use of the Mode (M) button and the front trigger button.

The Ronin-SC offers the same modes as Ronin-S but with several new additions, including Force Mobile and ActiveTrack 3.0:

Force Mobile: The new Force Mobile, similar to Force Pro, synchronizes the movement of a connected mobile device with the Ronin-SC gimbal. Users can now operate gimbal movements at a max distance of 82 feet using the new Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

ActiveTrack 3.0: Using a mobile device, Ronin-SC users can select a subject for the gimbal to accurately follow. The new algorithms include deep learning and optimized calculations for human figures. Similar to the technology found in some DJI drones and the Osmo Series, ActiveTrack 3.0 uses the mobile phone’s camera view and sends this information to the Ronin-SC. Users can mount the mobile phone to the top of the camera’s hotshoe with the included phone holder mount, open the Ronin app and select the subject to follow automatically.

The Ronin-SC is compatible with a variety of DJI accessories including a new, lighter external focus motor, Command Unit, DJI Force Pro, DJI Master Wheels, and some third-party accessories. 

Pricing and availability

The Ronin-SC will be available for purchase at, DJI Flagship Stores and DJI authorized retailers in Australia. Customers can choose between Ronin-SC Standard, which includes the essentials to get you up and running for $569 AUD or the Ronin-SC Pro Combo, which adds the focus wheel along with the external focus motor and the Remote Start Stop (RSS) Splitter for $709 AUD.

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