Canon plans to release 32 RF-mount lenses over the next four years

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Here's music for Canon RF shooters' ears - the Japanese company has confirmed it plans to release 32 RF-mount lenses over the next four years.

The confirmation was shared in Canon's Corporate Strategy Conference 2022 presentation materials, which also revealed details of the company's growth strategy for 2022 and beyond.

Canon says it plans to expand the scale of its optical technology by ‘cultivat[ing] new users’ and ‘develop[ing] new products,’ and has hopes of hitting one trillion yen ($11 billion AUD) in imaging group sales a year.

Even in a market affected by a global semiconductor shortage, Canon is remarkably bullish about its prospects, and despite admitting the ‘market as a whole seems to be bottoming out,’ says it continues to see ‘firm demand among professionals and advanced amateurs'.

Canon says it will ‘further enhance [its] lineup of EOS R system cameras and lenses,’ and will ‘expand [its] lens lineup at the same pace as it has between 2020 and 2021.'

That would mean Canon shooters could expect to see at least eight lenses each year from 2022 through 2025, for a total of 32, more than doubling its current lens lineup from 26.

Cover image: Canon Australia

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