Billingham launches Anniversary Edition bags

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Billingham, the UK-based family business famous for its camera bags, is marking its 50-year anniversary.

To commemorate the milestone, the company has released a limited edition series of its most popular bags, each fashioned in black canvas and leather with red stitching. 

Image: Billingham/supplied
Image: Billingham/supplied

According to Billingham, the anniversary lineup is strictly capped at 100 units worldwide per model, with each bag featuring a commemorative label and a special black leather shoulder pad with red stitching.

The lineup includes popular bags The Eventer, The Hadley, The 72 bag and The Hadley One, among others.

All the bags feature a three-layer waterproof fabric incorporating a "StormBlock" butyl rubber core. In addition, they are made with 'top-grain' leather, solid brass fixings, and closed-cell foam padding.

Image: Billingham/supplied
Image: Billingham/supplied

The bags all come with a five-year guarantee.

As for the pricing, the limited edition collection spans a range that starts at $350 for the 72 model, and more than $800 for the Mini Eventer.

You can peruse the collection for yourself via local distributor Kudos Cameras. 

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