Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom updates: Video editing in Lr, new presets, more AI

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Adobe has unveiled updates to Photoshop, Lightroom and Lightroom Classic, including the ability to edit video in Lightroom using the same sliders used to edit photos.

The updates also deliver new editing and usability enhancements to Photoshop on the Web (beta), leverage Adobe Sensei AI and machine learning to help simplify workflows, and streamline cross-device (desktop, web and mobile) workflows for Photoshop and Lightroom users.


Let's start with the updates to Lightroom.

As mentioned, the latest version allows users to trim and apply edits to video clips in Lightroom using the same editing sliders and presets used when editing images. This functionality extends to both desktop and mobile.

It's now possible to edit video clips in Lightroom. Image: Adobe
It's now possible to edit video clips in Lightroom. Image: Adobe

In addition, a new set of AI-powered 'Adaptive Presets' have been added for applying different effects to distinct parts of a photo. You can also now select the strength of a chosen preset, greatly improving their versatility, and they are available for video as well. 

Lightroom now includes a Compare View function on desktop. You can compare images side by side in your library. Image: Adobe
Lightroom now includes a Compare View function on desktop. You can compare images side by side in your library. Image: Adobe

The presets are built upon the same AI technology that underpins Lightroom’s Select Sky and Select Subject masking tools, and as well as being able to be applied just to parts of a photo, now include choices to make a sky more dynamic or a subject ‘pop.’

Speaking of Select Sky, with the latest update, users can now copy and paste Select Sky and Select Subject masks when batch editing within ACR and all the desktop versions of Lightroom. The software will automatically reconfigure the masks for each selected image without requiring you to add a new mask manually. It’s also now possible to invert masks groups across all versions of Lightroom (except for web).

The new Premium Presets. Image: Adobe
The new Premium Presets. Image: Adobe

The new Premium Preset packs include Portraits: Black and White, Portraits: Edgy, Portraits: Group, Subject: Concerts and Video: Creative, with the five packs 'handcrafted' by professional photographers. Premium Presets are available on ACR, Lightroom Classic and Lightroom (desktop/mobile/web). 

Also leveraging Adobe's AI tech is a new Auto Red Eye Removal tool in ACR and Lightroom (desktop). With this tool, Lightroom uses AI to automatically find and remove red eye caused by flash in a single click, negating the need to manually select and remove red eyes.

Adobe's 'Discover' tab has also seen changes, now allowing users to search for photography topics that interest them and  connect with other members of the community. Last year's Community Remix feature is now available on mobile and web versions of Lightroom.

“These innovative, AI-driven features for desktop, web and mobile make it fast and easy to create great images anywhere with Photoshop and Lightroom,” said Scott Belsky, chief product officer and executive vice president of Adobe Creative Cloud.

We’re continuing to add new capabilities to Photoshop on the Web, making it not only a great way to collaborate on projects but also to facilitate key edits in your browser.” 


Adobe has further expanded Neural Filters in Photoshop, which the company describes as one of Photoshop’s most popular AI-powered tools. These tools dramatically reduce complex workflows into easy-to-use solutions for photo editing and manipulation. To date, over 300 million Neural Filters have been applied to creative work by more than four million users.

The newest is a Photo Restoration Neural Filter designed to bring old or damaged photos back to life by detecting and eliminating scratches and other minor imperfections in seconds.

In addition, Adobe also announced updates to Photoshop on the web (beta) including editing features like Curves, Refine Edge, Dodge and Burn, and Smart Objects conversion; Mobile browser access, new learning content and the usual performance and UX enhancements.

There's plenty of more detail about the updates to Lightroom and Photoshop on the Adobe blog.

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