Adobe Creative Cloud updates bring new preset support and profile syncing for Lightroom CC

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Fresh from announcing profits have hit a quarterly revenue record of $2.20 billion, Adobe has announced a suite of updates across the Creative Cloud.

The updates to Lightroom CC will be of most interest to photographers, with the major feature being Presets and Profiles (including third-party, custom user presets and profiles) now automatically sync across Lightroom CC desktop and mobile. Users can now create custom presets in Lightroom CC for mobile too.

Users can now choose to show or hide various preset/profile groups that are displayed in the Presets panel/Profile Browser, allowing the profiles and presets most used to be easily identified. Adobe has also improved the ability to sync edits from a photo and paste these across multiple photos, allowing for all or only certain edits to be synced. 

iOS devices also gain a number of updates, including a new chromatic aberration removal tool, and a beta in-app camera long expsoure mode to capture long exposure scenes without a tripod. In this mode, the camera takes multiple images and blends them together for a long exposure effect. 

You can read about all the updates here.

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