image doctor

While we often feel obliged to stick to the rectangular shape provided by the viewfinder, there are times when we should go looking for different framing ideas.

Regardless of how clever the salesman tells you a camera is, no camera is as clever as a photographer who makes smart creative decisions.

What is a quick snap, and is it an excuse for us to shy away from a stronger photograph?

The mist might create the mood, but finding the perfect composition will always present the same challenges.

The brightest area of a photograph is usually going to command the most attention. So what do you do when the brightest part of the picture is also the most boring?

A Rose by any other name... but then again, who needs titles!

Still life photography is a good training ground. It gives you the chance to easily explore and control all the options, including the design and lighting of a subject. The only limiting factor is you imagination.

Floating limbs against a see of black can be rather disconcerting, and for this reason it is often good to maintain a connection throughout the frame.

Too often we put weight on the centre of an image, but in this instance it's the edges of the picture that tell the story.

Sometimes the very things you think you need in a photo, are in fact the last. As they say – less is often more.

Some days you need to look at the numbers and then start looking at the options.

Working with flash outdoors is a challenge, particularly if you're trying to compete with the sun. It's a big competition!

Sometimes it is okay to think inside the square!

If you can, expose for the highlights and then save the shadows later. Once you lose the highlight detail you can never get it back!

One of the secrets to good photography is lighting.