Chris Polack has travelled an unusual career path. He started out shooting BMX and now makes his living as a fashion photographer.

A chance excursion to a street drag racing meet one cold winter evening changed the direction of Simon Davidson's photographic career.

Garfield Darlington has developed the skills to work on both still and film photography, to his benefit in both fields.

Lisa Saad faced a difficult physical and technical challenge to create this dramatic image, but through sheer perseverance, and the "dogged" efforts of a likeminded team, she succeeded!

After 30 years as a freelance photographer Ric Wallis' passion for photography has never faded.

Mark Mawson has taken a liking to shooting fashion... underwater! He explains how he goes about creating his unusual images.

Darren Lunny is a Melbourne based photojournalist whose love of photography began when he moved to London in 1989 and bought an old Nikon FM2 from a pawnbroker.

Ian Carlson is a Sydney-based commercial photographer who specialises in landscape and architecture photography.

While Sydney-based photographer Steve Turner specialises in advertising, he is perhaps better known for his dramatic seascapes which are held in private and commercial collections worldwide.

Jeff Louviere and Vanessa Brown make their home and art in New Orleans, USA. Their work effectively combines the mediums and nuances of film, photography, painting and printmaking.

Growing up in Australia with Greek parents has given photographer Heather Dinas a unique cross-cultural perspective.

John Tsiavis is a commercial portrait photographer who began his career as a movie stills photographer. He has worked on some of Australia's best known films including Head On, Ned Kelly, Chopper and, more recently Animal Kingdom. His image of Eric Bana as Chopper is one of his earliest and most memorable images.

In his years in the movie business, Australian-born New Zealand film director Roger Donaldson has always maintained his love of still photography.

Maggie Diaz arrived in Melbourne from the US in 1961 with a one-way ticket given to her by her ex-husband as a divorce gift. As an award-winning photographer in the US, it did not take her long to establish herself as one of Melbourne's leading commercial photographers.

Cynthia Karalla works between the modern backdrop of New York City and the rural south of Basilicata, Italy. She has exhibited around the world and her works are held in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Yokohama Museum in Tokyo, and Daniel Katz gallery in London.