Man cops life ban for entering other photographer's image under his name

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A man has been banned from entering all Australian Photography photo competitions after it was found he entered another photographer's image under his own name.

"Sreerag S" was exposed when published the August "Reflections" photo competition shortlist on Facebook last Friday.

Reader Gigi Yong recognised the ironically named "Copied Lines", a beautifully composed image of three zebras drinking at a night-time watering hole, as suspiciously similar to an image by Italian photographer Giovanni Frescura.

AP contacted Sreerag S for comment via email. His response follows:

"I've lot of many pics from my friends and others. I believe someone might've uploaded by mistake.

"Remove the photo... If it was uploaded it would be by mistake, and I beg your pardon for the mistake because I don't remember uploading to a competition from last march. Sorry for the inconvenience..."

Whether or not the image was entered inadvertently Australian Photography disqualified the entry and banned Sreerag S from entering any future Australian Photography competitions.

Apologies to Giovanni Frescurra and thank you to our eagle-eyed readers, in particular Gigi Yong, who brought this issue to our attention.

You can see more of Giovanni Frescurra's beautiful images here.

Photo © Giovanni Frescurra.
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