FOTO L!VE: One Sunday, eight inspiring photographers

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A unique one-day event designed to help photographers shoot better photos and improve their marketing and business skills will hit Sydney on 20 August 2017.

Photo © Tony Hewitt.
Photo © Tony Hewitt.

FOTO L!VE, a collaboration of Australian Photography and Capture, will feature eight of Australia's most inspiring photographers sharing their passion for photography, their techniques, their experiences, and the stories behind their most remarkable images.

Tony Hewitt, Helen Whittle, Mark Galer, and Matthew Vandeputte will take the stage in the morning to talk about what it takes to create truly powerful and memorable imagery.

In the afternoon Lauren Bath, Daniel Linnet, Milton Gan, and Peter Brew-Bevan will share their perspectives on how emerging photographers can turn their passion for photography into a rewarding and profitable career.

For a taste of what it's all about, check out the video below for some of 2016's highlights.

More info and ticket sales here

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