Stephen Francis Voros.B., Little ripples (Photo of the Year)

Taken with my panasonic lumix DMC-G7,the 1st September, panorama/ impressive art in built filter, 14/42 lens with a wide angle attachment lens,exposure 1/800s,iso 200,aperture 11,focal length 28mm-m4/3. I had rode my pushbike into cairns camerahouse to have a photo printed and riding home I'd seen the clouds forming,I rode as fast as I could home,because I knew where I had to be,i got home and checked the tides and right on low tide,with hast,I packed what I needed in my prado and drove to machans beach,cairns, australia where I took photo,I loaded and cropped photo back a little,in my phone with picsart app and signed it,that being all I done with it.the last time I'd been there I had my iso set to high with what I photographed that I've entered into amateur section of this competition,so with this photo and the clouds,it all come together.