Shaun Trainer, Charli. (People and Portrait)

This is Charli, she turned 5 months so I decided to to photograph her on the day. She may not be the typical model for a portrait shoot, not having years of life mapped across her face or the doubt, hopes and dreams of a troubled soul visible in her eyes. Rather she is a perfect opposite. Even with a very short time on this earth, the traits of a strong personality are already beginning to appear. She manages to smile and find the deepest curiosity in this life despite not being able to speak or understand fully what is happening to her and around her. She doesn't have a world in her eyes developed by years of life but she can look deep into ours and constantly charms everyone she meets. So perfect, innocent and new, only just embarking on the huge journey of a life that waits for her. And also very cute! Capturing this was a new and fun challenge for me. Thanks for looking!