David Camilleri, 1. Grandpa, 2 Painted E-'man, 3 Woolshed, 4 Bronte Wolf (People and Portrait)

1. Dad was sitting (falling asleep) at our dinning table when he looked up and I captured him with his hands squeezing his checks up into his face. 2. My son, we call him E-man, has the bluest eyes. We have a wall in our yard the children use to bounce a ball against. They painted a big blue eye on it and then painted E-Man. 3. In April this year my dad, Uncle, brother and I went on an outback boys trip. This was a woolshed in far north west NSW. I loved the natural light and asked my brother to sit on the bench for this image. The light was awesome! 4. Standing above the pools at Bronte one afternoon I spotted the older man looking at the girl and the two younger men watching that man in a protective manner. The story could be completely different and innocent. What do you think?