Video: Six signs you are over-processing your images

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Here's an interesting video that looks at five (or six depending on how you count them), image editing mistakes that are very easy to make, yet also quite easy to fix once you're able to identify them in your work.

Coming to us from educator and photographer Matt Kloskowski, the video focuses on landscape photography in the editing program ON1, but it still has lots to offer for those who don't shoot landscapes or use other editing programs like Adobe Lightroom.

Often the best fix for most common image editing errors is performing local, rather than global, adjustments, while also not being so aggressive with sliders, especially when it comes to the contrast and sharpening sliders.

As Kloskowski notes, it's also worth considering how the shadow and highlight sliders generally only ever need a gentle touch to avoid flattening your image out too much.

You can see more of Matt Kloskowski's excellent videos on YouTube.

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