Video: Nine tips for better black and white photos

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We really enjoy Jamie Windsor's YouTube videos, and we also really love black and white photography, so this video by the UK-based photographer is one we're really excited to see - even though we missed it when it came out earlier this year.

Windsor takes a look at the history of black and white photography, and also presents some practical tips that you can use with your photography next time you shoot. 

Photographing black and white isn't just taking colour images and clicking 'convert to black and white' in Lightroom, it's a genre of photography with its own techniques and language, and a genre that if you choose to shoot consciously can do wonders for developing your visual senses. 

Our favourite tip is an obvious one - go out with the express purpose of shooting black and white, rather than treating it as a technique to rescue images that don't work in colour. Shooting in this way will start making you think about what sort of scenes lend themselves best to the b&w aesthetic.

You can see more of Jamie Windsor's great videos on YouTube.

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