Video: How to shoot minimalist landscape photography like a pro

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Wide-angle lenses like those commonly used in landscape photography lend themselves well to compositions that include lots of information, like a waterfall and the surrounding rocks, or the full width of the milky way with a foreground element. 

But wide-angle lenses are also great for showing a whole lot of nothing, creating cool minimalist images like that in Mads Peter Iversen's latest video.

In it he shows how he shot Iceland's Strandarkirkja church with a minimalist approach - deliberately choosing to keep texture in the sky and show the church as just a small part of a large frame. The key here is to eliminate distractions. Iversen had a rock wall in his frame, but by getting the camera lower he was able to remove it entirely.

As he explains, minimalism is a useful tool to include in your landscape arsenal, and you can make a creative call as to what to include (or not).

You can see more of Mads Peter Iversen's excellent videos on YouTube.

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