Video: 5 signs you're progressing in photography

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Here's a great video that takes a look at a dilemma every photographer will face at one time or another - how do you know if your work is improving?

Put together by photographer Mark Denney, this new video shares five signs that your photography is improving. As Denney explains, recognising when we're improving is important to push ourselves onto bigger and better things.

"Photography in the digital age can feel very temporary as the majority of the images created are posted on social media and eventually slide off into the digital archives rarely to be seen again," he says. "We tend to only see what we've created in recent months and when we do this we're not able to appreciate and recognize how we're progressing.

As humans, we all want to "be better", we don't have to be the best right now. but we do want to feel that we're progressing and moving in the right direction."

The five areas Denney covers are Composition, Histogram, Lenses, Lighting and Post-Processing. And while mastering each of these areas alone could take you a lifetime, seeing an improvement in how you approach your image-making in relation to each is a sure sign you're becoming more thoughtful and considered when it comes to your work.

You can see more of Mark Denney's videos on YouTube, or check out his website, Instagram and Facebook.

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