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In our regular Image Doctor column, photo educator Saima Morel analyses readers' images. If you'd like to have one of your images reviewed drop us an email at

Photographer: Graham Bowden
Title: Ancient Studies
Details: Canon EOS 70D, 1/100s @ f5, handheld, hue and saturation adjustments and detail enhancements in PS Elements 13 and Intensify CK, cropped the over-exposed, white sky. 

The image

Graham says

“This was shot handheld in the morning at Angkor Wat in Cambodia.  My eye was caught by the position of the monk and his bright robes within the setting of the temple. I am not totally sure of the crop though, whether it should be narrower or should I have kept the entire original image.”

Saima says

"Wow - this is so rich visually with so much texture and detail in that temple stone. It is also lovely how the dark grey comes alive with the hints of colour that come through with the side lighting on the right. Those touches of red and orange provide warmth and an extra dimension, and the brightly garbed monk is nicely positioned in the front of the frame. The crop seems to work quite well - but without seeing the whole image, it’s hard to say otherwise, but getting rid of a featureless white sky is usually a sound decision. You could try darkening the background for a different slant or version on this scene, but your basic ingredients in this image make it a winner."

Saima's tip

"Bright, featureless expanses of colourless sky usually add nothing to a scene and just take the attention away from a subject or point of interest."



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