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In our regular Image Doctor column, photo educator Saima Morel analyses readers' images. If you'd like to have one of your images reviewed drop us an email at

Photographer: Louise Firli
Image: Koondrook Dreaming
Details: Nikon D3200, Sigma 18-250mm lens @ 90mm,1/320s @ f/5.6, 100 ISO, minor colour correction in Lightroom, highlights and shadows, whites and blacks.

The image


Louise says

This image was created on an extremely cold, foggy morning in June in Koondrook in the north of Victoria. It was a dead still morning and there was barely a soul about in the small sleepy town. I saw the sun rays peeking through the trees and fog and knew instinctively I had to get a shot. It all happened very quickly!

Saima says

This is a spectacular pictorial shot. Top marks for all the atmosphere created by that lighting, which is what really makes this image so special. That lovely yellow in the lit-up bushes beyond, the haze from the rays of light coming through the trees and the subsequent reflections in the water are wonderful. If you took away the unique lighting, you would probably need some stronger point of interest or subject matter. 

Saima’s Tip

Good lighting is at the heart of a good photograph.


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