Behind the lens: Roosters of the Philippines

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Setting up a mobile studio while travelling the Philippines allowed pro photographer Alfonso Calero to take a series of unique images to mark the year of the rooster.

I recently took a bunch of rooster shots at a farm in the Philippines. We spent the afternoon setting up a location studio styled set on a white background using the moveable large cages, lining the inner layer with a white background like a lightbox.
Shooting handheld with no flash, I took advantage of the white background to reflect some light back into the texture of the bird's feathers. It was a challenge to shoot quickly as the birds were restless and eager to leave the boxed in studio set up. With only about ten frames per rooster I was looking for some slight movement to show off the beauty of each bird.
Equipment Used:
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon F1.2 L Series 50mm Lens
Camera Settings:
ISO 400
F2.8 (Shallow Depth Of Field)
Shutter Speed 1/200th (To freeze the fast moving Roosters)
Lightroom (Basic Editing)
Photo Shop (Masking White Background)
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