Wanted: Consummation Photographer

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Just when we thought we couldn't find another weird wedding photographer request, we found another weird wedding photographer request.

Spotted by an eagle-eyed reader in the states and originally shared with Petapixel, the Craigslist ad headline reads 'All Day Wedding Photographer Needed,' followed by a small, but quite significant addition. That little bit is important because when the couple in question says they need a photographer for 'all day,' what they actually mean is 'all night long.'

Yes, the soon-to-be newlyweds are seeking a wedding photographer who doesn't mind sticking around and photographing the couple's first time. You know, their consummation.

"We are hoping someone will document the whole day from beginning to end," reads the ad. "We are specifically hoping someone will document the end, which we are finding difficult to find someone who will."

Still with us?

"We have both saved ourselves for marriage and understand our first time will be awkward," writes the bride and groom. "But [we] do not think it will be that much more awkward for the photographer to be there and we’d really like it documented (in a beautiful and tasteful way)."

So... any keen photographers want to take their work to a very awkward level? You've got their details. Don't be shy now.

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