Video: Watch Josh Holko's incredible new Arctic film

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The combination of an incredibly harsh environment and unique ecosystem make the Arctic a destination like few places on earth.

Aussie polar photographer Josh Holko has spent his career exploring cold places, and recently completed a trip to Svalbald, a Norwegian archipelago.

Capturing the blisteringly cold climate and its hardened fauna, Holko and friends Dom West and Abraham Joffe produced the awesome 6 minute long Ghosts of the Arctic below.

Facing -30℃ temperatures and 16hr days, everything was seemingly pushed to the limits.

“We experienced three cases of first and second-degree frostbite during the filming as well as a lot of failed equipment and equipment difficulties as a result of the extreme cold. We had batteries that would lose their charge in mere minutes, drones that wouldn’t power up and fly, cameras that wouldn’t turn on, steadycams that would not remain steady, HDMI cables that became brittle and snapped in the cold, frozen audio equipment, broken LCD mounts, broken down snowmobiles and more,” he said.

During the whole expedition, Holko maintains that no animals were interacted with and all were captured in their natural behaviour.

You can see more of Josh’s incredible work on his website.

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