Video: So what do you use that lens hood for?

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Believe it or not, your lens hood does have a purpose beyond protecting your camera and making you look like some sort of gung-ho super serious photographer. 

In this great two minute tips video from Adorama TV, photographer David Bergman talks about why lens hoods are useful and when you might want to use one.

As Bergman explains, the real benefit of a lens hood is in helping limit stray light from 'skimming' across the front of your lens and creating flare, something that can make your images flat and washed out. They work just like the peak of a cap or when you put your hands up to block light from coming into your eyes.

Their are some instances when you should take your lens hood off, Bergman explains. These are when you want to use flare creatively, or if you're using a pop-up flash.

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