Video: Camera lens gets destroyed by 60,000 PSI waterjet

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The boys at the Waterjet Channel on YouTube have done it again, rendering their viewers into paroxysms of straight-up cringe. The victim this time: a Canon 17-85mm F4-5.6 lens. 

Cutting through the lens (priced at $500~), the guys give a thorough explanation of the inside components not usually seen. 

“Last time we didn’t know what the pentaprism was, and everyone educated us in the last video,” the guys laugh.

“A lot of people know how to take a picture, you push the button, but you don’t actually know how the camera works inside. This give you that perfect picture”.

Sounds fair, but I’m sure most of us would rather have the lens for ourselves than to have it sheared in half.

You can see more of their videos here.

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