This family wants to hire a travel photographer for a $100,000+ per year gig

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Here's an interesting job opportunity for you - a wealthy family in the UK is reportedly looking for a photographer to travel the world with them next year - and they're willing to pay (a lot) for the right person.

The unique opportunity will involve travel for up to three months at a time to a number of spots around the globe, including Australia, North America, South America and Europe, all locations where the family own property. 

The job will pay a salary of £80,000 ($139,000 AUD), not including any travel, food, and expenses, which will also be covered.

The photographer booking service Perfocal says it was contacted by the family who submitted their unique job request to them.

"Offering our email address, we then received a message from a UK family who are looking for a professional lifestyle photographer to literally travel the world with them and capture their family moments, whilst also getting paid £80,000!" the website said.

Prospective candidates must have at least five years’ experience in lifestyle photography, and will be subject to a full background check.

The family, who have asked to remain anonymous due to the high profile job held by the father, are seeking applications now, with the hope of filling the position by February 2019.

The initial contract will be for one year (with an opportunity for an extension) once that's up.

If you'd like to apply, you can do so at the Perfocal website here.

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