Ewan Arnolda will be feeling anything but blue when he discovers he's won the $250 Momento photo book voucher in our June 'Colour Blue' photography competition.

Guest judge Dylan Fox praised Arnolda's image, 'The Plane', which captures an unusual perspective of a jet aircraft, framed by a steel and glass awning, as it cruises above Melbourne's central business district.

"Picking a winner from this month's entries was very difficult and a handful of images could have taken out the win," said Fox. "In the end I selected Ewan's image. While there's a lot going on in the frame, the elements work well together and the image is composed in a way that I am not distracted and my eye constantly returns to the aircraft. Finding simplicity in chaotic scenes is never an easy task. The image is very well timed and the processing with the blue tones adds to the mood of the image."

Fox also selected a runner up from the larger than usual shortlist of 30 images: 'Blue Ice,' by Peter Humphreys. The image, which shows a rock climber scaling a near-vertical ice wall, stood out for its colour and texture, said Fox.

"The colours in Peter's photo are stunning and really enhance that feeling of cold. I really like the composition and its overall simplicity, which I think is often key to making a compelling image. But the element that keeps me coming back is the texture in the ice! Just stunning!"

The winner of our People's Choice vote was Judy Goggin, whose image 'Silver Brumby' drew the most likes on our Facebook page.

Well done to our winners who have each won a Momento gift voucher to create a stylish coffee table book to match the quality of their photography. Winner Ewan Arnolda has won a $250 voucher, while runner-up Peter Humphreys and People's Choice winner Judy Goggin have each won a $150 voucher.

You can see the full selection of winning and shortlisted images below.

You can find out more about this month's guest judge, Dylan Fox, here:

WINNER:"The Plane," by Ewan Arnolda.

RUNNER UP: "Blue Ice," by Peter Humphreys.

PEOPLE'S CHOICE: "Silver Brumby," by Judy Goggin.

"Birds," by Michelle McCleary.

"Blue Boatshed," by Catherine Matthys.

"Blue Bubbles," by Brad Smith.

"Blue," by Rick Bucknall.

"Blue Door Zanzibar," by Julie Boyle.

"Blue Jelly Fish," by Yicheng Shao.

"Blue Window," by Libby Holmsen.

"Blueberries," by Adriana Glackin.

"Bucking Bronc," by Judy Goggin.

"Centre Place," by Peter Sawers.

"Cool Wool," by Mick Unwin.

"Dancing on the Edge of a Cliff," by James Lee.

"Feeling Blue," by Nicole Low.

"Ghorepani," by Eden Row.

"Ghostly Waters," by Daniel Brauer.

"Grandparent Love," by Sue McArthur.

"Marrickville Windows," by Carl Osterly.

"Neon Glow," by Simon Scherbarth.

"Par de Deux," by Monica Mulder.

"Patterns," by Alan Coligado.

"Retro Milk," by Renee Hengst.

"Singing the Blues," by Alan Coligado.

"Southbank Reflections," by Nathan Radford.

"Sunrise Silhouette," by Robert Dettman.

"Taking A Break," by Catherine Matthys.

"Washing," by Fiona D'Alessandro.

"Waves," by Alan Coligado.

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