We took a slightly different tack with our August photo competition, straying from our usually prescriptive themes into the ethereal world of surrealism. It made for a nice change, and it was great to see so many of you getting your 'Dali' on!

Our guest judge for this comp, photographer and regular AP contributor Drew Hopper, selected Mark Glancy's distorted and darkly moody cityscape 'Altered City' as the winner and the recipient of the $250 Momento Photo Books voucher.

"The curves, tones and mood of this image caught me from the first glance," said Hopper. "The way the buildings spiral towards the sky with the square crop is a great frame. Use if lead in lines pull my eyes straight up the buildings to the birds, very well thought out. Overall a stunning surrealism image!"

Runner up and $150 voucher from Momento Photo Books went to Gail Stent's haunting entry, 'Into the Light'.

"This is an alluring image given it is not a moment we can possibly experience or see with the naked eye," said Hopper. "The image leaves a wide dimension for the viewer to interpret what the photographer was trying to convey through this piece. The discreet faces in the background add a somewhat spooky atmosphere, making this a perfect surrealism runner up."

This month's People's Choice winner was 'Moment of Reflection' by Rory Adams, a beautifully executed image, which received more than 150 likes on Facebook. Rory has won a $150 voucher from Momento Photo Books.

You can see the full selection of winning and shortlisted images below.

The Theme for our October photo competition will be Flight.

Drew Hopper is a fine art travel and landscape photographer based in Australia. Captivated by the diversity of cultures, people and landscapes, Drew travels far and wide to capture pictures that define his experiences with the vision that they will impact and inspire an audience in a way individual to each person. With almost a decade of industry experience behind him, Drew has developed a photographic style that is unique, simple and compelling. His goal is to create powerful imagery to tell a story and convey a sense of discovery.

WINNER: 'Altered City' by Mark Glancy.

RUNNER UP: 'Into the Light' by Gail Stent.

PEOPLE'S CHOICE: 'Moment of Reflection' by Rory Adams.

'All at Sea' by Dean Harris.

'Apple of My Eye' by Yossi Sundakov-Krumins.

'Connect' by Mick Unwin.

'Dive In, The Sky is Fine' by Glenda Roberts.

'Fear of the Colour White' by Claudia Costa.

'Foggy Nights' by Joshua Tagicakibau.

'Footloose' by Sharon Cohalan.

'Invisible' by Hannah Frilay.

'Invisible Jumper' by Leanne M Williams.

'Mother Ship, Come In' by Kerry Boytell.

'Perception' by Jalmar Leficura.

'Petals' by Catherine Matthys.

'Queen of Hearts' by Lilly Gilovitz.

'The Night Sky' by Levi Allan.

'To Believe is Mad' by Penny Phillips.

'Tuqburni' by Briannagh O'Loughlin.

'Up!' by Austin Grader.

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