In the first of a new series showcasing recent work by leading professional photographers Daniel Linnet talks about his moody boudoir-themed series, 'Dragon's Den'.

Created as a personal project on a very tight budget, 'Dragon Den' is my latest collaboration with set and costume designer James Browne. Inspired by the mystical opium dens and bordellos of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries the aim of the shoot was to showcase our ability to bring this world to life while working within the real constraints of time, budget and availability. 

Unlike many of my other commercial shoots, these personal projects originate almost purely from a design perspective, based on the set elements, props and costumes available to us at the time. The narrative and the characters are then loosely built around the visuals, with the aim being to prompt the viewer to create their own narrative. I love the fact that each image can be a strong story on it’s own, if you take the time to explore the images and the visual clues and details contained within them. 

Photography: Daniel Linnet
Set & costume design: James Browne
Makeup: Renee De Bono, Mariel McLorey
Hair: Shaun Andrews
Talent: Katie (Jeep Management), Shannon (Jeep Management), Claudia Bowen, Lulu Dawson, Tess Gouldsmith, Simone Barry
Assistants: First assistant Mark Jay, Second assistant Eric Bergan
Studio: Dragon Image, Sydney

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