Photographer Reuben Wu creates halos above landscapes using drones

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Of all the recent advancements in drone technology, it's the different ways they can be used that have us the most excited. Case in point photographer Reuben Wu, who has been using his drone not as a flying camera, but as a flying light to allow him to craft striking long exposures. 

Wu has been experimenting with a Fiilex AL250 light paired with the 3DR Solo drone and Phase One XF camera system for his stunning series Lux Noctis.

“The circles are actual light paths of the modified drone I used to light the landscapes,” Wu tells PetaPixel.

Reuben says that “we are overwhelmed every day by beautiful images of the familiar.” In his project, he imagines these scenes “transformed into undiscovered landscapes which renew our perceptions of our world.”

Each image is a carefully-planned, and consists of shooting with multiple lighting positions to produce a theatrically-lit composition. Some of his shots involve circling his light-equipped drone around rock pinnacles, while in other instances he uses them to light paint the surfaces he hopes to capture. 

In one of the images, Reuben even managed to capture the exhaust plume of the recent launch of the Space X Falcon Heavy as it exited the atmosphere.

Reuben says that his photos “show not only the beauty of the landscape but also the versatility of new technology in creating art.” 

You can see more of Wu's work on his instagram and website. These images have been republished with permission. 

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