It's official: Kodak's ektachrome film is coming

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Kodak first announced it was planning to bring its Ektachrome 35mm film back from the dead in January at CES, and in a new announcement they've confirmed it wasn't just marketing hype - full production is scheduled for 2018.

This news broke over Twitter, thanks to inquisitive Kodak fan Karen Wink. She asked Kodak what the ETA on the Ektachrome comeback was, to which Kodak replied:

In 2012, Kodak discontinued its line of color reversal films, which stand out for fine grain, clean colors, sharp tones and contrasts. At the time, Kodak blamed declining demand for such film.

Personally, we're really excited to see Ektachrome, one of the most iconic film stocks, back in production. If you're wondering what all the fuss is about, this might help:

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