Five of Australia's best landscape photographers team up for new workshop

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Let's be honest, generating income as a Professional Landscape photographer in 2017 can be a mysterious and often difficult task. Fate rarely gifts us our dreams.

Join five renowned Australian Landscape Photographers for a weekend of business planning, practical actions, steps and secrets to turning your Passion for Landscape Photography into your Dream Profession.

Ken Duncan, Peter Eastway, Ignacio Palacios, Luke Tscharke and Adam Williams, experts in their respective fields, present the steps, techniques and secrets to establishing a successful career as a Landscape Photographer in 2017 and beyond.

* Do you want to Quit your day job and take up Photography?

* Learn the secrets to selling more Limited Edition Prints?

* Be paid to run Photography Tours to Exotic Locations?

* Build a huge Social Media Following and use that influence to quit your day job?

* Create educational content and sell to the millions of photographers all around the world?

Speakers include:

Ken Duncan - The secrets to selling Limited Edition Prints.

Ignacio Palacios – Travel Photography and How to run a successful Photography tour business.

Luke Tscharke - Tips to building a Huge Social Media following and converting that into income.

Adam Williams - Everything you need to know about setting up a successful Photography education business, including online marketing strategies.

Peter Eastway - Will wrap it all up, with a holistic look at what it takes to be a successful professional photographer today, from business planning to practical issues like cameras, file quality, and marketing.

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