College student finds Leica M2 for $5 at Thrift store

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As reported on PetaPixel, one lucky soul has walked away with a perfect condition Leica M2 after a sojourn to his local thrift store. Searching through his 'Value Village', Reddit user GreenteaBanana found the pristine Leica M2 35mm as well as an Elmar 50mm f/2.8 lens for a not-too-shabby $4.99.

The camera goes for A$1200~ with the lens going for an estimated $700-$900.

Photo: Reddit user GreenteaBanana
Photo: Reddit user GreenteaBanana

Of his fortune he said, “Its something like this that people would buy and use it for the rest of their lives so that is something I'm considering since I do enjoy photography.”

“By far the best and most valuable thing I've found in years of thrifting.”

The serendipitous event has sent shockwaves of envy amongst us at Australian Photography. Well done, GreenteaBanana!

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